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Feb. 21st, 2011

I have changed the setting on my LJ to be friends only.  Please add a comment if you would like to be added to my list of friends, but make sure you tell me who you are as I won't tend to add strangers. Thanks for understanding.

FS: Stripey stockings

I have just made a bunch of new stockings - 6 pairs are stripey and there is a plain white pair (perfect for those schoolgirl skirts and sailor dresses!)

They are in my Etsy shop.


Thanks for looking!

(x-posted and spammed everywhere :P)

Etsy shop now open for business!

I've decided to try out this Etsy thing and I'm a bit excited!


I have just put some stuff on the shelves:

Sprout - ultrapleated Sprout - red Sprout - orange Yellow candy Sprout Sprout - blouse  

Please come and visit!


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Trims makes Ham makes me Happy.

(with huge apologies to Chantal Vitalis)

Dec. 3rd, 2006

This isn't my photo, but I saw this on Flickr and it really hit home.

This is exactly what it's like in our region at the moment. In 2 weeks' time we'll barely be able to water our garden with a hose as our water restrictions are tightening.

I've taken to showering with a bucket under my feet, to catch all the extra water.

But we think it's bad for us in town - it's even worse for the farmer.

Bloody depressing. Pray for rain!
It's been ages since I sewed anything dolly. At least 4 months! I've had a rotten virus for the last week, and an eye infection rendered me pretty much useless in the seeing department. Today I woke up and I could SEE! SEEEEEE!!!

Suddenly inspired, I locked myself in the sewing room and came up with the skirt and tights.

I think the tee would look better with a different skirt, but it's all I had with me in the sewing room at the time.


Originally uploaded by quiltingmick / michelle.
It hasn't rained here for about two months. We are in the middle of a 4 year drought, and it's not going to end anytime soon.

Today's rain has been just lovely ... but already the sun is out again.

Too many flowers, not enough Blythe

Blythe programming will resume in the next day or so, but in the meantime this is how I spent my Labour Day holiday. 
More Floriade photos here...

Pink Tulip 

Miss Daphne and the red tulip

More spring spring spring. I'm loving it. So is Miss Daphne.